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Welcome to eastsussextherapy's update on training workshops in Nairobi, Kenya.

These workshops are really exiting and allow our worlds to unite between The West and Africa by sharing a therapy that could be very effective due to its short term nature and therefore being more cost effective.

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Plans for the future

I am currently on the Doctorate in Psychotherapy for Professional Studies at Metanoia Institute, London. My research project title is: ‘On developing an African-Centred Counselling model:- a qualitative investigation of the experiences of Kenyan counsellors using the CBT 5 aspects model with clients presenting with depression’. I am waiting for ethical approval from the ethics committee.
I am then intending on running an online workshop for the research participants (12 in total). Then the research participants will recruit a client who they will use the CBT 5 aspects model with for up to 3 sessions. They I will fly out and interview the research participants in focus groups. 6 to participate in a focus group in Nairobi and 6 in a focus group in Eldoret (Northern Kenya).
Then I will return to Uk and analyse my data using Reflexive Thematic Analysis and see what the findings are!
Luckily I have a Kenyan Research License.

February 2023

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In February we ran a 2 day workshop.  Day One: Workshop to discuss some key aspects of CBT which can be employed in an eclectic approach.  Richard Mutea; Georgina Green.  Day Two:  ‘Supervision.  How best to prepare and use it.’  Visiting speaker: Nik Coleby.  The workshops were interactive and included practical tasks on thinking about what current theoretical approach is used  to inform therapists' underlying current practice.   Exercises also incorporated CBT giving participants an opportunity to experience what it was like using it.

03 December 2022

Today we had a fantastic day on the subject of "Introduction/Refresher CBT Workshop with Psycho-ed on Trauma". Salima was co-facilitating with me.
We covered the 5 W's, FIDO, formulation, 5 aspects model, assessment.
In the afternoon we explored the difference between PTSD and trauma.
We explored how memories are stored in different ways and the function of the trauma memory v an ordinary memory.
We looked at psych-ed around the hippocampus and amygdala.
The group were interactive and connected.
Good luck with moving it all forwards !

May 2021. One Day Online workshop on PTSD

This was our second workshop online and was very successful on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
We are looking forward to face to face sessions back on soon!

October 2019 Behavioural Activation for Teenagers

2 Day workshop

February 2019 - new setting

Workshop on Behavioural Activation Day 1 and General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) Day 2

Blog. Kapc workshop poster

16/17th February 2018

2 Day workshop on CBT for Depression
Please see the poster on it to the right.

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Blog. Workshop giving certificates

Giving out certificates for the 2 day workshop

Blog. Workshop giving certificates

October 2015

1 day workshop on CBT skills


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